Jennifer Carpenter, Sara Fuentes, Jim Weakley
Jan 9 2024 0

DCA Celebrates New Leadership at the American Maritime Partnership- Jennifer Carpenter, Sara Fuentes, Jim Weakley

The Dredging Contractors of America (DCA) proudly recognizes a significant transition at the American Maritime Partnership (AMP), a vital voice for the U.S. maritime industry. AMP has announced a dynamic new leadership team, heralding an era of innovative leadership and steadfast commitment to the maritime sector.

Stephen Tobin, President of the Board of Directors of the DCA, expressed his enthusiasm:

“Congratulations to Jennifer Carpenter, Sara Fuentes, and Jim Weakly on their new roles leading the American Maritime Partnership. The Dredging Contractors of America will work hand-in-hand with you as we continue to protect the Jones Act.”

In a historic moment, Jennifer Carpenter has been named the first female President of the American Maritime Partnership, joined by Vice President Sara Fuentes and James “Jim” Weakley, who will serve as Secretary and Treasurer. This leadership team, elected for a two-year term, brings a wealth of experience and a vision for the future.

Jennifer Carpenter, with over three decades of dedication to America’s inland waterways at the American Waterways Operators, is set to lead the organization with a focus on strengthening the domestic maritime industry. Her commitment to the tugboat, towboat, and barge industry is unparalleled.

Sara Fuentes, ascending from her previous role as Secretary and Treasurer of the AMP, will enhance the coalition’s government affairs outreach. Her leadership extends to several maritime and community organizations, reflecting a deep understanding of the industry’s multifaceted nature. She will continue to serve as Vice President of the Transportation Institute. She also serves as a leader with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Navy League of the United States and the Propeller Club – Port of Washington D.C.

Jim Weakley brings his expertise from the Lake Carriers Association and his service as a Coast Guard veteran. His experience will be invaluable in advocating for the Great Lakes and the broader national maritime agenda.  Jim will continue to serve as president of the LCA, which he has held since 2003.

William P. Doyle, CEO of the Dredging Contractors of America, also extended his gratitude:

“We’re looking forward to continuing our strong support of AMP, and we know Jennifer, Sara, and Jim are strong advocates for a robust U.S. dredging industry. We also want to thank outgoing AMP President Ku’uhaku Park for his leadership and hard work during his tenure.”

AMP’s diverse membership across the U.S. and its territories includes vessel owners and operators, shipbuilders and repair yards, dredging, and marine construction contractors, trade associations, pro-defense groups, united in their support for the Jones Act, a cornerstone for American security and economic prosperity. With this new leadership, AMP is poised to further its mission of promoting a strong, secure, and prosperous maritime industry.

The release from the American Maritime Partnership is linked here. 


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