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William P. Doyle new CEO and Executive Director of Dredging Contractors of America (DCA)

For Immediate Release: June 20, 2023

The Dredging Contactors of America’s (DCA) Board of Directors unanimously voted yesterday, June 19, 2023, William P. Doyle as its new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director. The position commences effective immediately.

“On behalf of the Dredging Contractors of America Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Mr. William “Bill” Doyle has been named Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the DCA,” said DCA Board President Stephen Tobin, COO at Massachusetts-based Cashman Dredging. “Since departing the DCA in 2020, Bill has been a strong advocate for the maritime and dredging industry. Our Association is extremely excited to have Bill back as our leader. We strongly believe that he is the type of leadership needed as we continue with our core mission to develop solutions that protect the Jones Act, promote the private fleet, and create a strong national dredging program.”

Doyle recently served nearly three years as the Executive Director of the Port of Baltimore.

William Doyle said, “I credit staff’s dedication at the Maryland Port Administration (MPA) for the successes we achieved. I also want to convey that I sincerely appreciate all the hard work, support, and friendship of the International Longshoremen’s Association leadership and members (ILA). I thank the private sector customers, tenants and businesses associated with the Port—Ports America, Tradepoint Atlantic, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Ceres, Ruckert, Consol, Zim, MSC, Maersk, Evergreen, US Customs and Border Protection, Association of Maryland Pilots, Belts Logistics and John S. Connor Global Logistics, Baltimore District Army Corp. of Engineers, Steamship Trade Association, etc.”

Mr. Doyle took the helm of the Port of Baltimore at the height of COVID on July 20, 2020. He shepherded the agency through the tumultuous downturn of cargo at the beginning of the pandemic and through the microchip shortage. He helped the Port secure new container services and consolidate paper/forest import products from Finland into the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast United States through the Port of Baltimore. Mr. Doyle secured a 20-year option contract with Mercedes Benz. The Port broke ground on the long-awaited double-stack Howard Street Tunnel project. As a humanitarian, Doyle, a Merchant Marine first by trade, proposed and worked with the Maryland Department of Health to implement a COVID vaccination program for the foreign seaman visiting the Port. He brought the Port closer to the faith-based community by forming working relationships with the Ministers Conference of Baltimore. Working closely with staff, the Maryland Congressional Delegation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the MDOT executed a $4 Billion Chesapeake Bay Restoration Project Agreement setting in motion dredging of Maryland’s federal approach channels for the next 35 years. Finally, there was an excellent team effort with the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Maryland-National Capital Region taking the lead on an entirely American-Flag (dredging and marine construction) vessel coordinating and managing assets for the refloating of the then grounded, Ever Forward.

Fred Paup, DCA Vice President and Chairman of the Board for Manson Construction based out of Seattle, Washington said, “I am ecstatic for Bill to advocate with DCA in support of the Jones Act and use the industry dredges first! Bill’s energy and command of the issues makes him the right choice to lead our

organization during one of the biggest recapitalizations in our industry’s history. Welcome and let’s get to work!”

Bill Doyle previously served as CEO for the DCA, and two terms as a U.S. Federal Maritime Commissioner, twice unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate. He also sailed as Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine for ten years.

Doyle said, “I am truly thrilled to be getting back into the private sector with DCA and working with these outstanding entrepreneurs in the dredging industry – these are the people and companies that keep our ports in the United States of America open, our beaches nourished, and they excavate the material for beneficial and innovative use projects – they work non-stop, around the clock.”

“We are excited to welcome Bill back into the DCA as he brings a wealth of knowledge and infectious energy to lead the organization,” said, Jim Cottrell, DCA Sr. VP and President of Virginia-based Cottrell Contracting.

Mr. Doyle is a marine engineer, attorney and Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Reserve (ret.) Harry Stewart, DCA Vice President and President & CEO of San Rafael-based Dutra Group stated, “The Dutra Group is pleased to welcome Bill Doyle as the new CEO and Executive Director of the Dredging Contractors of America. Bill’s long experience in both the government and private sector make him uniquely qualified to fill the position.” Mr. Stewart continued, “Bill is a recognized leader and understands the critical role that U.S. maritime plays in driving our economy, international trade, and supporting our national security. Bill’s unique knowledge and energy are perfectly suited to tackling the challenges the private U.S. dredging industry and maritime in general face now and in the coming years.”

Doyle concluded, “The dredging industry is the foundation to economic prosperity in the United States. Larger ships now more than ever visit our ports because of the expanded Panama and Suez canals. None of these ships would be able to dock in America but for the important work that dredging companies do to deepen and maintain our harbors, channels, ports, and inland waterways.”


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