Vessel Lorraine Hooks
Oct 6 2022 0

USACE Galveston District Commander Rhett Blackmon Tours the Lorraine Hooks

On October 3 at Southwest Shipyard in Galveston, Texas, the Mike Hooks, LLC family and members of its leadership team had the esteemed honor of giving USACE Galveston District Commander Colonel Rhett Blackmon and his navigation leaders a full hands-on tour of its state-of-the-art vessel currently under construction, the 27-inch cutter suction dredge Lorraine Hooks, named after the family matriarch and wife of founder Mike Hooks.

During the tour Col. Blackmon learned about the many innovative safety and energy efficient features packed into the dredge, signs of Hooks’ forward-thinking commitment to the safety and health of its people, the preservation and improvement of the natural environment, and the development of sustainable infrastructure with a minimal carbon footprint.

Mike Hooks’ commitment to the nation and navigation mission of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers runs deep and remains strong. The family is proud to add additional capacity to the U.S. dredging fleet and looks forward to the Lorraine Hooks joining its other cutter suction dredges, the E. Stroud, the Missouri H, and the Mike Hooks, later this year.



Photo credit: Michael Gerhardt

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