Aug 17 2020 0

Pacific Dredge & Construction, LLC

Pacific Dredge & Construction (PDC) of San Diego, California is a  leader in cutter suction dredging, mechanical dredging, and marine construction, stretching from the San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego and out to Catalina Island. Specific services include harbor dredging, channel dredging, marina dredging, shallow water dredging, dam and reservoir dredging, habitat restoration, beach nourishment, pier and wharf construction, pile driving, breakwater and dike construction, seawall repair, and many others.

PDC is constantly innovating to build safer, more efficient and cost-effective equipment. It currently has the newest fleet of dump scows on the West Coast ranging from 300cy to 2,200 cy; however, like its parent company, Pacific Maritime Group, its most important asset is its people, and its central focus is safety.

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