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Doyle Selected Head of Maryland Port Administration, Chief Executive of Port of Baltimore, Mark Sickles named Interim CEO & Executive Director of DCA

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced on June 9, 2020 that William P. Doyle, CEO and Executive Director of the Dredging Contractors of America (DCA) and formerly a Commissioner at the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, has been appointed to lead the Maryland Port Administration, and Executive Director of the Port of Baltimore.

“On behalf of the nation’s dredging and marine construction industry, we congratulate Bill on his impressive appointment and look forward to working with him in his new role,” said current DCA President Eric Ellefsen , President of Weeks Marine.  “We are grateful for the energy Bill Doyle brought to the job. He took our association to the next level and we will truly miss his boundless enthusiasm not only for us, but for the greater U.S. maritime industry.”

Mr. Ellefsen today announced that former DCA executive director and Weeks Marine’s corporate and government relations director Mark D. Sickles will serve as Interim CEO and Executive Director during the search for new staff leadership. Mr. Sickles was unanimously approved by the DCA board of directors and general membership during its annual meeting on July 9, 2020.  He will assume the interim role on July 24, 2020.     

“I look forward helping the search committee get its job done as quickly as possible while making sure that DCA does not miss a beat as Congress considers a permanent fix to the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund,” said Mr. Sickles. “I also look forward to helping shape any infrastructure measure to ensure vital investments in the Nation’s ports, waterways, and shorelines are included.” 

Eric Ellefsen was elected President of the DCA’s board of directors on July 9, 2020, beginning a two year term at the helm of the organization.  Mr. Ellefsen congratulated Ted Smith, President of Duluth-based Marine Tech, LLC for his leadership over the past two years of bringing positive change to the organization. 

The search for a new CEO and Executive Director is being conducted by Association Strategies, Inc.    


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