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Callan Marine Releases Tender Package for Nation’s Largest Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge

Galveston, TX – June 21, 2021 – Callan Marine, Ltd. announces the release of the tender package for construction of its latest fleet addition, a trailer suction hopper dredge to be named The Admiral Nimitz. The Admiral Nimitz will be the nation’s largest capacity trailing suction hopper dredge.

The Admiral Nimitz has an overall length of 422 ft. and a breadth of 92’ and has a hopper capacity of 16,000 cubic yards. The Nimitz will be powered diesel-electric, have a maximum draft of 28.8 ft., a maximum dredging depth of 100 ft. in the short dredge pipe configuration, and 130 ft. in the long dredge pipe configuration. It will accommodate a crew of 28.

“The Admiral Nimitz will be a robust, powerful addition to the capacity of the Callan fleet,” stated Maxie McGuire, President of Callan Marine. “As the market continues to require maintenance dredging at an unprecedented rate, the Nimitz will allow Callan to respond quickly and efficiently to projects along the coast. Callan Marine continues to lead the industry with larger and faster vessels to meet the growing needs of our waterways.”

Trailing suction hopper dredges are equipped with suction pipes ending in dragheads that, while the vessel moves slowly, collect dredge material from the bottom like a giant vacuum. The collected dredge material is pumped into the hopper of the dredge while draining excess water through overflows. The dredge material is discharged in a variety of ways, depending on project specifications.

The Admiral Nimitz will join the ranks of Callan Marine’s other dredges: the 32” General MacArthur, the 28” General Bradley, the 18” General Pershing, the 16” General Patton, and the 12” General Eisenhower.

Callan Marine, Ltd. is a Texas-based, family-owned dredging business founded in 2009. Callan Marine performs dredging and marine construction projects for both private and public clients by providing services to restore berthing depths for ship docks, navigation channels, or otherwise facilitate transportation in our nation’s waterways.

The Admiral Nimitz is a trailing suction hopper dredge that will join the ranks of Callan Marine’s fleet in 2023.

For additional media or company information, please contact Liz Rogers Alvarado at [email protected] or (409) 771-0051.

Click here for the official press release.

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